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レンゾ・ピアノの建築で 2005年に完成したこの美術館「Zentrum Paul Klee」は、どうやらほんとうに土地の中に埋もれようとしているようです。半分は地下にある展示室は、自然光がたっぷり入る気持ちの良い大空間でした。






I visited Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern – the museum has been kept really well according to the Renzo Piano’s concept, which is harmoniously submerging into its surroundings.  The architecture was completed in 2005.  7 years on is nicer than my first visit shortly after the opening.  I think the true success of architecture need to be judged after the building is blended into the environment, accepted by the local people and running organization.

This museum is a gem for me – it is receiving sincere and sympathetic maintenance by gardeners, who chosen what to keep between structure and make the building more blended in to the ground.