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レンゾ・ピアノのZentrum Paul Kleeで、建築をその場所に一体化させるために施されていたディテールについて書きます。

I am writing about the details at the Zentrum Paul Klee again, the details to make the architecture integrated into its landscape.


Zentrum Paul Kleeに向かって歩いていくと、住宅街から美術館の敷地に入ったかな?というあたりから、アプローチの両側に小さな花の咲いた草地が広がります。




この細やかなディテールは、ガラスと鉄とコンクリートで出来たアプローチを優しい表情に変え、背後に植えられたCopper Beech(葉がさび茶色のブナ)と心地よく馴染ませています。





When you approach to this museum from South East residential area, you would notice little flowers blooming on the both side of footpath.  They look like weeds – but if you pay attention, they are carefully chosen little gems, such as light purple geraniums.

Then just before the entrance door, there is a subtle detail of concrete floor with little brown lines – it seems wire wools were mixed together with Terrazzo materials into concrete when the bridge was made, then after years the wire are rust.  This texture is harmonious with the Copper Beech tree behind of the bridge, as well as to the impression I gained from the meadow around the building.

The last picture is taken from inside of the building, looking down Bamboo bush and moss-covered metal tube between structures.  To achieve this green growth, the project team had to take care of many unusual matters – thick and rich soil around the building foundation, drainage plan and not to pollute the soil by chemical substance washed away from the architectural materials…

Yes, this harmonious museum was made with great care for the passion and has been taken care by people to succeed the passion.  Great job.