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しばらくは女海賊みたいなアイパッチ姿でしたが、後遺症のダブルビジョンや頭痛もほぼ治り、今週からスタジオに復帰です。ただ、まだ体力が万全でないため今年のモットーは「Don’t run, walk. 」。療養中にはじめたウクレレを手に、ゆるゆると復活したいと思います。


Wishing you a tuneful New Year.
Did you have relaxed holidays?

2013 was a year of medial treatment for me.  In April a large tumour was found in my head when I had MRI taken for the ear treatment and it was Meningioma.

Luckily I had a successful operation by top neurosurgeons in September and the intended second operation was replaced with Gamma Knife radiotherapy treatment.  Both were a special experience for me because I was supported by a group of wonderful people.  Monitoring every year will be required for the next five years, but I hope that the remaining part of the tumour has been stopped from growing by now.  I don’t need an eye-patch any more as my double vision has almost gone.

From this week I am back to work, although it is going to be a little slow paced at the beginning.  So, my motto for the new year is ‘Don’t run, walk‘.  The ukulele I started to play three months ago has helped with my recuperation. I recommend buying one!