Monthly Archives: January 2011




新年の抱負は、、、去年から引き続き『既成の枠を超え、デザインが出来ることについて考えてみる』 でしょうか。例えば、デザインを通じて考え方や価値観の多様性を伝えていけたら、と思います。道のりは長そうですが、時間をかけてゆっくりと、、。


I wish you a wonderful new year.

It is nice to notice the day time is getting longer, isn’t it?  I am trying this year to put English text as well, as I realise that I have some non-Japanese readers of this blog.

My new year resolution – Trying to overlook the horizen of what Design is regarded, then think what a designer can contribute to the contemporary society.  I wish to evoke richness of diversity in thinking and value, for example.  It looks like a grand one if I write it down, though…  well, I need to take time to achieve it anyway.