Monthly Archives: July 2013


I found a few little ‘seed dispersal mechanism’ after a lots of pink Geranium flowers have finished.  They are formed by delicate spirals and the ‘heads’ are empty if you give it a close look.


After the flower, the bottom part of petals are grown into five green round containers, turn into brown.  Then the central ‘style’ will be split into 5 strips, curled up and throw seeds away.


I picked one ‘throwing-in-progress’ head and put it on my desk.  A a few hours later, I heard a tiny pop sound and a seed was thrown more than 3 meters.  Amazing way to expand its territory!



This little but genius mechanism reminds me of an exhibition I saw in Tokyo, which catalogue shows a lot of exotic tree seeds which travel the long distance.


Somehow they give me a feeling of vitality.