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ここまでのブログを掲載していたホストのdesign-hugが8月31日で閉じることになったため、以前に書いたものをここに集めて『huggable – 抱きしめたくなる』と名付けました。



I have written as one of bloggers for ‘design-hug’ blog since 2008.  The hosting website is closing at the end of August – so, I have moved all the contents here in my new blog – huggable.




I respect people to pay a little more to retain a memory of a place – they help to succeed arts by fabricators and builders, too.

The two top picture are from an Victorian building in central London, where the floor is restored with original method of mosaic tiles.  The above picture is a handrail, which was taken down once to be cleaned and restored, then put back to the original wall after the whole staircase was refurbished.

お気に入りのカフェで、野菜プレート(小)とパンを食べる。カトラリーはDavid Mellorの’Café’シリーズ。でもこのカフェ、近ごろとっても混んでいて、並ばないと座れないこともあるのです。なので、場所はひ、み、つ!


My favourite Veg Plate ( small ) with bread at my favourite cafe in central London.  It is getting really busy these days and I have to queue up to sit down sometime.