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charity box auction

03_Tomoko_Azumi-Birdsong_again in Tohoku

2011年3月の大震災から間もなく、ミラノ在住のデザイナー菰田和世さんから声がかかり、サローネ期に間に合わせるため大急ぎで制作し、現地に持ち込ん だ募金箱を『Charity Box Exhibition』という展示会に出展しました。約60点の作品が集まり、デザインを楽しんでもらいながら募金を集め、非営利団体 L’isola della speranza を通して災地に送りました。その後も世界の4カ所を巡回した展示会の作品が、震災から4年の来年3月11日にミラノでオークションにかけられます。わたし たちの作品は募金をさし込むたびに小鳥がさえずる『Birdsong Again in Tohoku』です。


場所: Sotheby’s / Via Broggi, 19  Milano
日時: 11 March 2015
内覧: 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-19.00
オークション開始: 19.00

入札の詳細などはL’isola della speranzaのHPにて追ってお知らせします。


We took part in “Charity Box Exhibition” in 2011, to raise funds to help the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami victims.  The exhibition was curated by Kazuyo Komoda and other people in Milano, put together within a month to be shown at Salone del Mobile, and demonstrated the designers wish to help after this exceptional disaster.  On the day of 4 years after the earthquake and Tsunami, donated pieces of the collection of the Charity Box Exhibition are going to be auctioned at Sotheby’s in Milano, including our charity box “Birdsong Again in Tohoku”.

You are able to bid from anywhere in the world – we hope many people will talk about this auction and make the best on the final contribution to people in the Tohoku region who still need our help, 4 years on from the disaster. Please do forward details of this auction to all your friends and colleagues.

venue: Sotheby’s / Via Broggi, 19  Milano
date: 11 March 2015
viewing: 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-19.00
auction starts at 19.00

More information about bidding from abroad will be on website of L’isola della Society soon.
Press Release of ‘Charity Box Auction’