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riverford news

執筆者のGuy Watson氏は、今ではずいぶん大きな産業に育った有機野菜デリバリーの草分けです。1993年に Riverford を始め、共労する有機農園を少しずつ増やし、フランスやスペインにも農地を広げて活動を続けています。このごろはBBCのラジオ番組で食の安全について話すほどの有名人なのですが、今もこうやって消費者のためにニュースを書き続けています。



ニュースレターは RiverfordのHPで読めるアーカイブにもなっているのですが、土だらけの野菜と一緒に届けられる、汚れてよれっとしているこの印刷物(もちろん堆肥OKの有機インク)が一番、現場の雰囲気が伝わって土の近くにいる感触をくれます。

Ooops it was more than 2 years ago when I last posted an article here!

Twitter made me not to write more than 140 letters, then Face Book made me even lazy, as numbers of pictures replaced text or comments.  To prevent me forgetting my mother tongue Japanese, I start to write again!

The image above is newsletters delivered with vegetable box from Riverford – I posted once about their veg in 2008 ( 9 years ago! ).

The author of these news is Guy Watson, who has started this venture of organic veg box in 1993.  This organic veg box delivery has grown enormously since, and we hear his voice on BBC radio 4 sometime – but still he keeps writing what is happening at the farming front to his consumers.

We read about how snow make we soil and affect efficiency of cropping or farmers are worrying next season if we have little rain.  Sometime, we learn how farmers struggle to sell when they have unexpectedly good harvest of some vegetable.  Adding to those everyday matter, Guy tells us about social shift around organic issue and how still huge company dominates chemical farming reality.  It is amazing to know some latest technology, such as GPS improve small farmer’s efficiency.

I decided to use Riverford because I want to pay same amount of money to smaller and ethical farmers rather than the gigantic supermarkets.  The largest pleasure is of course the taste of vegetable – and it became an important media for me to realise our consumption is directly related to our global environment.

You can read Guy’s letter in the archive – but for me, this mud dirty wrinkled paper delivers the best feeling that my thought is sometime near the earth.