Daily Archives: August 6, 2008

Vitra Design Workshopに持って行ったパタゴニアのサンダルは、正解でした。コルクの底が足に馴染んで脱げにくく、底がしっかりしているので砂利道や草原も歩きやすい。空気が通って涼しく、朝露の冷たさなんかもちゃんと感じられる。感触が楽しいので、わざと草原をつっきって歩いたり。

イギリスの森では夏でも「muddy boots」を履かないとどろんこになるから、その感覚で厚底のトレッキング靴を持って行った時は、同じ場所でも歩いた印象がずいぶん違った。スニーカーの底が薄すぎた年、ビーチサンダルで指の股にマメを作った年などを経て、4度目にして初めて、ふさわしい足元で一週間を過ごしたなー、と思います。



I took this woven sandal to Boisbuchet, at Vitra Design Workshops this summer. It was so appropriate and I had different experience from other type of shoes I took early years. Thick soled tracking shoes did not give me nice moisture impression from walking on wet morning grass fields. So, I walked wherever not surfaced, enjoyed temparature, texture and hairy grass on my feet.

Now, I am back to my studio in London, wear these shoes and miss the atmosphere of Boisbuchet, but they do not react in the same way – I feel cold from foot in my studio, also slippery when I walk neighbourhood in this pair. Why? I realise that speed of walking is much faster in town, esepecially in rough quarter of London. I am not totally relaxed here, so this pair of sandales are for special occasion. It was perfect at Boisbuchet.